1. Shake Loose

2. No Love

3. Insoiration

4. This For Them

Here are 4 songs that Litarodi has been performing in public venues that impact and change lives. Aired on 52 radio stations around the nation in 2007 "Shake Loose" is about not letting negative people and situations get the best of you. "No Love" is about overcoming addiction and has a message about loving yourself and others through saying no to drinking and driving. "Inspiration" is about giving hope back to those who need to be met right where they are, in their personal struggles and self esteem issues. We all need a little inspiration some times. "This For Them" is the cutting edge song for the highly at risk students that feel no one knows about their dark world of drug dealing and gang life. It really reaches the unreachable! Your generous support helps keep Litarodi and his message of hope and encouragement going for the rest of today's youth to see. 



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