Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s in Houston, TX Litarodi(aka Rodi) was exposed to some of the most influential Hip-Hop/ street culture.  This was a time when weekends were filled with Car Show’s, B-Boy competitions, Freestyle battle rap competitions and many other engaging events. It was in this melting pot of culture that the love for Hip-Hop which could be broken down to 4 major roles of the “DJ, MC, B-Boy and Graffiti/Tagging Artist” was realized by the twins. Yes, Rodi is an identical twin. 

However, there was a dark side to this lifestyle that made life altering impacts to Rodi and his family in the early 2000’s. Here is a brief snapshot bio that picks up around the year 2004. 

Since 2004 Litarodi(aka Rodi) has had a dream to help positively influence our society. It started when his love for Hip Hop was seen among his peers and school teachers in high school. Break dancing and freestyle rapping became more than a hobby while Anthony and his twin brother Andrew were in middle school. By the age of 14 Anthony and Andrew were teaming up to produce music during lunch in the school cafeterias of Milby, Austin, Alvin and Chavez. With a ballpoint pen, closed fist and pure creativity, Andrew would produce beats on the tables. In 2001 the twins were gaining popularity with their talents when Mike Lopez, a cousin of the twins saw their potential and decided to help them make their music business dreams come true.

Starting from the very bottom they knew they would have to work very hard in order to produce quality music in efforts to make it mainstream. In September of 2001 things took a turn for the worst as they along with immediate family watched their mother Irma Lopez, die of Lupus in the Hospital. Although it was a dark hour for the family to endure, Anthony and Andrew stood on their faith to help keep the flame of encouragement lit. However, seven months later Anthony received a phone call that would change his life.

On “Good Friday” March 29th 2002 Andrew was killed in an alcohol related car crash wherein he was the drunk driver. The news of Anthony’s twin's accident shook his foundation. The horrific event and loss of two of the most influential people in his life, sparked a negative reaction that made him feel like giving up and no longer striving for positive success.  Rodi decided to give up on being positive. He dropped out of high school and jumped into the Gangster Rap Industry. In 2005 he held the number 2 spot on a top Hip Hop station in Corpus Christi Texas, the number 1 spot on a Hip Hop station in Austin Texas and was awarded 1st place as “The Best Up and Coming Latin Rapper In Texas” at the 2005 Texas Latin Rap Awards. 

Working and performing with some of the best in the music industry Rodi was soon distracted by chasing a lifestyle of Drugs, Money and Fame. In 2006 as a direct effect of living a careless life and choosing to make irresponsible decisions, he suffered a heart attack in the back seat of a friend’s car after leaving the studio one night. It was Friday night September 22, 2006 when his life flashed before his eyes. After spending 4 days in the Intensive Care Unit of downtown Houston’s St. Joseph’s Hospital, Rodi decided to stop running. There in the hospital he decided to re-dedicate his life and focus on helping and encouraging others with his music and sharing his story. 

His goal is to continue what he started in 2004 by speaking and performing for schools, prisons, detention centers, churches and community events. The impact of Litarodi’s services has been outstanding. Many achievements, letters and accolades will attest to this claim but nothing speaks louder than a changed life. Rodi continues to receive testimonies from people that have been directly impacted by the messages in his story, songs and speaking engagements since his very first motivational speech at Stevenson Middle School in 2004.