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“Your program at Faith Middle School, Central High School and for the Soldiers and Civilians was one of the most engaging and informative sessions we have experienced. This is a great training event and should be provided to all Army Posts.”



Fort Benning, GA

Army Substance Abuse Program

“I’ve been through much abuse, both with drugs and with people. Today I have 9 months clean but at times still feel lost. I've felt severely broken for a long time. Matter of fact more times than not. But you truly impacted my heart and soul and reached me. By the grace of God my hopes are restored.”

- Ashley Nicole (Student)

“From among several visits by entertainers to our school, I can say that this group was the greatest and had the most positive influence. What distinguished him from the rest was his method of communication, his confidence, and a delivery that was replete with rhythm including subject matter relevant to the lives of our students and the world in which they live.”

-Master Teacher of Technology

Jackson Middle School

Dark Clouds

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